6th Paths of Glory European Tournament – Quarter Finals

1)    Tom Gregorio vs Janusz Sokol

2)    John Sutcliff vs Ramon Rentero

3)    Mauro Faina vs Alberto Ciampichetti

4)    Gerard Burton vs Mauro Gasbarroni

Well, it’s the end of April so you have more than four months to complete your games. By considering August and vacations, The deadline is on September 30, 2017 . As usual I want to remind you that the main scenario is the Traditional Standard Historical one (please not confound it with the New Historical scenario  in which Kovno is a victory point. That’s used in the BPA tournament). However if both players agree, you can apply the rules you desire. Have fun and please don’t forget we are playing for our hobby’s sake. My game will be “supervised” by Tom Gregorio. Cheers.

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