Paths of Glory European Tournament – 2nd round



2nd Round Paths of Glory European Championship 2015-2017

It’s very important to remember that a draw will be considered an Allied Victory so before bidding please taking care of that

You can use the optional rules you wish following an agreement (I suggest rule 4.2.4 and 11.2.10 (trenches) . If the two players don’t agree about the optional rules to be used, they will apply the standard set of rules without any option. Rule 16.5 is not valid. No one can offer Peace Terms. I recommend to be gentlemen and playing for the playing’s sake. 

Here you are the pairings: (please gimme a couple of hours to create all the game). My game vs Ramon will be managed by Nick Frydas


High Draw  (next to each name you can see the dice score). Please see the link

Direct Elimination (Knockout game)

  1. Enrico Catanzaro 513 vs Alberto Ciampichetti 491
  2. Gerard Burton 173 vs Lucio Abbate 170
  3. Jean Louis 474 vs John Sutcliffe 306
  4. Sergey Kosarev 973 vs Tom Gregorio 827
  5. Ramon Rentero 821 vs Mauro Faina 761
  6. George Brandreth 686 vs Nick Frydas 741

it’s likely that a player can enter the 3rd round even if he’ll lose the game. To determine the best loser (or losers) I’m counting the VP gained. It’s clear that there will be 6 winners. It’s my intention to have 8 players in the third round, so it’s likely I’ll need two players more. 

Low Draw  Direct Elimination (Knockout game)


    1. Marc De Roo 905 vs Bruno Moscetti 855
    2. Marco Mengoli 199 Janusz Sokol 56 Steven Lampon 22  (Flight #2)
    3. Andrea Pagni 787 vs Jurand Drop 831
    4. Mauro Gasbarroni 686 vs Scott Moll 701
    5. Forrest Metz 311 vs Ronald Peschiani 385

Plz note that in the Flight #2 each player is playing two games. The best player is entering the third round.

Please let me know if you have any  doubts and questions. Cheers. Mauro

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