Sekigahara 1600 (Serious Wargames)

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#sekigahara I have assessed Hardy’s ” Sekigahara” 9 stars because the second volume belonging to the series ” Battles of the Sengoku Jidai” has fixed the issues we found in the previous title ” Nagashino and Shizugatake” and improved the quality of the components thanks to the outstanding two pieces mapboard, the outstanding counters and a very good playbook. The playing system represents a valid alternative to the Sekigahara scenario in the wargame ” Samurai” ( GMT). The sequence of play consists of a starting command phase followed by an alternated activation. There is also a very detailed combat phase that highlights the peculiarities of the Japanese fighting units. The mapboard is divided into areas and the movement phase is really easy. The battle is extremely chaotic since the Army of the West did not get the support of several clans that defected to the enemy Army of the East. The Historical research seems to me very accurate. ( boardgamegeek review).



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