6th Paths of Glory – Rules




Temporary Rules (They could be modified)


This is a Play-By-Email  tournament for GMT’s “Paths of Glory” card-driven game covering the First World War starting on January 7 2016  

Game rules:

The GMT living rules to Paths of Glory are considered to the official version of the rules.  The Campaign game scenario is being used.  No rule is compulsory. The players will determine which rules they want to use. If they disagree, they’ll use the Campaign scenario without any optional rule

Bids:  Players will bid for sides according to the rule 5.6 . They will roll a die to identify who bids first. 

Time Commitment: Expect to average about one card play per day. Exact speed of play is at the discretion of the participants.  It is recommended that players establish some initial guidelines as to when to follow-up with their opponents regarding ‘non-response’ or to communicate anticipated lengthy delays

Participation: All Casus Belli members are eligible and they don’t have to pay anything. The players who are not Casus Belli members will pay $ 5 or € 5. The CasusBelli association pays for the prizes and provides coverage on its web site. 

Players must have internet access, and a valid email address. Changes in email address should be forwarded to the GM Mauro Faina

Format and schedule: To be determined . Anyway there will be a first flight with KO games. Then two draws will be formed: the Winners Draw and the Losers Draw.

Schedule: New admission will be accepted till December 31.

Qualification Phase: 15th january 2016 – 04th may 2016

Eighth-finals: 12th may 2016 – 30 september 2016




Incomplete Games: If a game is not completed, the player who consumed the most time loses.  There will be no adjudications.  E-mails as well as the ACTS journal will be used by the GM and his assistants to determine which player used the most time

Rules Disputes: Rules questions/disputes should be addressed to the GM. Neither the GM or his Assistants will rule on a game they are involved in.  Players should be as descriptive as possible, including supporting evidence or diagrams of the situation in question as the answer will be based on the information provided.  the GM rulings are authoritative and final.

Method of Play : It is required that players use the Automated Card Tracking Site to play their games.  Matches conducted FTF, PBEM, or PBM are not considered valid matches unless there is an accompanying ACTS journal.

The ACTS site provides record keeping of moves, provides a die roller, and serves as a secure card dealer. There is no fee for use of the ACTS web site.  It should be noted that all game journals are considered public and may only be deleted by the players when requested to do so by the GM.

Dice:  Players may choose to use a subset of the requested dice as long as it is clearly identified, in advance, which rolls are to be used.  For example, the CP player can call for 8 dice for three battles and declare that only dice rolls 4-6 are to be used.  The defending player rolls all dice; rolling the dice indicates that the attacking player’s move was reviewed and validated.    If too many dice are rolled, trailing dice are discarded.  If too few dice are rolled, the player rolling the first set of dice should request additional results.

It should be noted that no specification of, or requirements for, PBEM aides (Vassal, ADC2, CB, etc.)  is being made.  Players may also choose an alternate method for rolling dice but all results must then be posted into the ACTS journal.

Reporting: Both players should report the completion of the game to the GM.

Relevant information to be submitted includes: sides played, bid, final VP score, turn of game end, and method of victory.


to be determined